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WHY Did Jesus come?

NO. 1 Reason for HIS coming…

No. 1 Reason, The good Lord did not intend for us to be on the daily treadmill of life….

Yes, we learned how to fend for our selves, just as an infant cries for food, or when he’s wet, we developed many instincts of survival.  We were endowed with a life that we cannot believe could have existed. Just think that we could be in a garden like any of the world’s best botanical garden but much better with abundance of food, all of what we ever could desire; without ever having to earn the money to purchase our need, this was a place that we could have had.

But we were led into a way of life that was contrary to God’s plan for our life.  You may ask if God is so mighty why did he not keep us in this beautiful Oasis? As we learn that we were created in the likeness of God, that made us smarter than many living things on earth and were given the freedom of choice, because we were not created to be ‘Slaves’ we became Slaves to this world. Why? Because when man went against the will of God, he was casted out of this beautiful Oasis and had to hunt, and survive on his own.  We were then condemned to die in our rebellious state of mind, because he said “if we eat of the forbidden fruit we would surely die’

Die? Really?  Is this all? Then what’s next? because we were created in his likeness, we were given more than just a life, we were given dominion over the world, this means all creatures on earth, the air the sea and the resources….. So why were we condemned to death? Because we given more than life, we have a Soul, look around and analyze the reason why we need to have an education, earn the respects of others, maintain a job or invent something that will give us money. Some people simply earn a living, some achieves enormous wealth, and some just take it from others that have it. So what is life all about? even if you are on the Forbes ® list of the top wealthiest individual we cannot go beyond the condemnation that we inherited. Because we cannot earn, purchase or inherit that gift that is the real reason for HIS coming.

Here’s the number one reason for HIS coming, HE wanted to pardon us because we were not able to redeem ourselves from the condemnation, just like an insurance policy or a note, we are given a ‘Grace’ period,, the word grace is far removed from the legal jargon of a contract, but in reality, the grace that he gave us could only be achieved by God providing a way to replace our condemnation.  Because the word of God is infinite and cannot be changed, his statement of “ You shall surely die” was a condemnation meant for all Man-Kind, not just the immediate violator of his order, but to all that came after Adam as descendants.

To provide a redemption and to ‘Pay” that price, God through the Holy Trinity as an ever present God with the power to have created the universe, sent his “Son” to live a living example and to die in our place to fulfill HIS word of his condemnation.  So, because of Christ’s dying (in our place) we were given that eternal Hope (another word that is not used in any legal contract) which we must ‘Solidify’ from Hope to Redemption, (a word that can be used in a legal contract). Redemption is intended for us to redeem ourselves, similar to redeem a coupon, but much more that a temporary dispensable item, we cannot redeem our SOUL only Christ can save us from the condemnation and let us have an infinite live in His Kingdom.

Where will the Passageway lead to?

By Jesus coming and dying, and as He ascended into Heaven, His ascension by the "Passageway'; we will explore the difference to each of us if we choose not to enter the Passageway?

The Bible gave a full account of Him being crucified and His Resurrection…  It was the Resurrection that started to demonstrate HIS power.  But the amazing power was his ascension without a launch from Cape Canaveral

How to gain Access to the Passageway:

The ticket and the payment of this “TICKET”

It cannot be bought by us,

It has to be given, but most importantly it has to be accepted by US.

There are certain private Clubs and Associations that you cannot get up and say I want to Join, you first have to be ‘Invited to be a Member” These are what we call ‘Exclusive Clubs’ only that we have to keep paying our Membership dues.

The Ticket to the Passageway to the “Real Kingdom” is a one-Price that was fully paid by HIM… CHRIST JESUS

We all know that in a travel package, there is the Group Inclusive Tour package, this includes, air fares, ground transfer and Hotels, and sometimes a rental car.  Only that in God’s plan this is a plan for a trip to Life-Everlasting…..

Today there is this ‘Priceless Gift” that money cannot buy 

This is great news, that such a Priceless Gift is made available to everyone, but there’s also a time limit,  as we are under HIS Grace, and Grace is something un-earned and can be pulled at anytime. This is why the Lord said; ‘Today is the day of salvation’ now the bad news… if we do not accept this the future will be without that Life-everlasting that Jesus paid for at Calvary…

The time limit is clearly stated in the Bible… No one knows the time of our Lord’s return, only the father, because our Lord Jesus is the ‘GREAT I AM’ and loved us so much that He sent His Son to die for us, as said in John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17: For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

God’s word above refers to the World, but in Verse 18, we will observe that the theme here was “Whoever” 

John 3:18: 
Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son

Because He said that all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God, this is why His Redemption is a Priceless Gift, and cannot be purchased or earned.  It is also noted that the key word in the foregoing statement, was “ALL” therefore it means that no one can meet HIS Criterion of being Sinless…. To make us eligible to be redeemed, He died in our place and rose triumphantly, and by this we became eligible though HIS resurrection and He offers this today as His Priceless Gift of Salvation.